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Customer Question: What are our fragrances made from?

Customer Question: What are our fragrances made from?

One of the questions we often get asked is:

What are your scents made from? Are they natural essential oils or are other things added?


Our fragrances are formulations made by UK perfumers which in many instances, but not all include Essential Oils. If we used only essential oils the paper would be a rather sad brown mess and the fragrance would not last.

There is a misconception that Essential Oils are a singular chemical compound that are all good for you. In fact they are complex mixes of multiple different organic compounds and not all of these are always things you want on or in your body!

Did you know a large number of fragrances, such as Lily of the Valley, and many others that are hugely popular, have no natural Essential Oils?

To that end perfumery is the art of using ingredients, some natural, some synthesised to recreate fragrances we are familiar with from the natural world, but also making them safe and allergen free.

Sometimes this may involve breaking apart Essential Oils and reducing the volume of specific allergens with the oil, such as Linalool in some Lavender oils.

This will be the case for all fragranced products whether you buy our Scented Drawer Liners or a Β£100 bottle of Chanel No.5 or our products. The chemistry of fragrance helps to bring these essential oils to life, stop them spoiling and ensure longevity.

Perfumery is a dark art. Our products are all allergen free, IFRA approved and tested under EU and UK law.

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