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Gingham pattern wipe clean drawer liners.

A fun collection of wipe clean Drawer Liners for Kids.

Polka dot design wipe clean drawer and shelf liners. Unfragranced, easy to wipe and perfect for kitchen shelves, drawers and for any space that needs to be easy to clean, but look the part.

Elegant floral patterns and classic scents on household drawer and shelf liners perfect for drawers, shelved, cupboards, dressers and all areas in need of some elegance. All our products are proudly made and sold from the UK.

Teddy Bear pattern drawer liners
A selection of scented and patterned elegant Wardrobe Fresheners to compliment our Scented Drawer Liner ranges.
Classic William Morris designs on our elegant drawer liners. Choose from both scented and wipe clean (unscented) drawer and shelf liners in a timeless William Morris pattern.
Wipe clean drawer liners ideal for kitchen drawers and shelves that need to be dust and mess free. You can wipe these drawer liners as they are unfragranced and sealed, so water resistant and easy to clean. Perfect for kitchens, cupboards, drawers, shelves and any area in need of a little sparkle.