SIMPLY DRAWER LINERS | ANTI-MOTH | LAVENDER & NEEM OIL Wardrobe Freshener. Natural Moth Repellent.
SIMPLY DRAWER LINERS | ANTI-MOTH | LAVENDER & NEEM OIL Wardrobe Freshener. Natural Moth Repellent.
SIMPLY DRAWER LINERS | ANTI-MOTH | LAVENDER & NEEM OIL Wardrobe Freshener. Natural Moth Repellent.

ANTI-MOTH | LAVENDER & NEEM OIL Wardrobe Freshener in a GEOMETRIC Print

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Lavender & Neem Oil
The Master Herbalist's Hanging Wardrobe Freshener or Drawer Sachet to complement our Scented Drawer Liners.

This MOTH REPELLENT LAVENDER & NEEM OIL Wardrobe Freshener has a delicate, English Lavender fragrance combined with the natural moth repellent, NEEM Essential OIL, and comes with an integrated retractable hook so you can hang it in your wardrobe or lay it in a drawer or cupboard.

The design is an elegant geometric print in grey. Each Wardrobe Freshener is made from scented paper and contains a fragranced mineral pouch. It is then gently scented with our LAVENDER & NEEM OIL Anti-Moth Repellent fragrance, ideal for keeping your wardrobes and cupboards moth free, smelling fresh and adding some colour.

Our LAVENDER & NEEM OIL fragrance is a unique formulation from THE MASTER HERBALIST, combining two natural moth repellents. Using certified pure Lavender Essential Oil, the result is a predominantly lavender scent with slight nutty and citrusy notes from the Neem Oil. Together it creates a much more pleasant fragrance than chemical moth balls.


What is in your Fragrances?

We have written a special blog post about this here - What's in our fragrances.

Do you ship to the USA / EU?

Yes - however you cannot check out direct through the website at the moment. Please read here for more information

Are your drawer liners adhesive / sticky backed?

No. They are not. They are plain paper, the wipe clean are sealed on the top with a gloss varnish and the scented are unsealed paper.

How do I fix down your drawer liners?

Depending on the size of your drawer and how abrasive the bottom surface is you may find you do not need to fix down the liners, especially if they are a snug fit. In the instance that you do, we suggest a small loop of sticky tape, double sided tape or thin photo tabs. We suggest you don't use blu tack as the oil can seep through the paper and stain it.

How to I fit your drawer liners in my drawers?

If the drawer liners are too large for the drawer, our preferred method is to fold the liners, which tends to guarantee a straightener cleaner edge than using scissors. Don't run your nails along the edge to make a tight fold as you will get a ruffle in the paper.

If you have a paper guillotine then that is perfect and you would get the best results, but we just fold them and it works well.

If the liners need doubling up, they are a perfect pattern repeat so you can overlay them and create a nice seam which is hard to spot.

What size are your drawer liners?

They are 60cm x 42cm or 23.6" x 16.5".

Why are your drawer liners the size they are?

The drawer liners size is limited by the machinery used to both print and scent the items. We have then designed them to be more economical to ship. 

Do you do a continuous roll of your drawer liners?

No. This is not possible due to the weight of the paper and the manufacturing process.

What is in your Wardrobe Fresheners?

Our Wardrobe Fresheners are main using the same scented paper as our drawer liner stock. Inside each is a scented vermiculite pouch that is compostable / biodegradable. They have a cardboard hanger. The paper content can be recycled and the Vermiculite can be used in the garden or put in the black bin.


Are you a part of the The Master Herbalist?

Yes the Simply Drawer Liners website is owned and run by The Master Herbalist and our prices are the same as on The Master Herbalist website.

Any other question don't hesitate to ask us at:


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